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Kód01208-001VýrobceAxis Communications s.r.o.Záruka36 měsíců
2N SIP Mic allows paging to several zones with a simple push of a button. It is ideal for live or pre-recorded announcements. It has a built-in audio-management server for configuration, which means less equipment as well as flexible, easy and cost-efficient installation. The network microphone console has 12 buttons that can be configured with actions of your choice. 2N SIP Mic’s 12 buttons give you a smart paging solution for up to 12 zones, and if your system grows you can easily connect the microphone console to a PBX system thanks to support for SIP. The microphone is based on open standards and connects to standard networks using PoE.
Rozlišení kameryFull HD
Provedení kameryBoxová kamera
Typ snímače kameryCMOS chip
Velikost snímače kamerytřetinkový snímač
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